Hi! I’m Ryan.

I’m a Product Manager at Code.org, a Georgia Tech Grad, former Microsoftie, and sometimes-teacher.

I like technology, people, tasty food, and solving interesting problems.


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2017: Books of the Year

What a year, eh? 2017 was a long, challenging year for many people –- myself included. That said, there were some great things that happened this year: Ray and I were able to buy our first home, I made new friends and grew closer to old ones, and I actually exceeded my book goal! Last year, I wrote a post about my top three books of 2016. This year, I’m continuing the tradition. All of these books get the Official Ryan Stamp of Approval. I’m not claiming they’re the best books I read this year, but they are the books that made an impact and stuck with me, and that I would wholeheartedly recommend to others. It’s a very politically-oriented list this year – a sign of the times, I suppose. Without further ado, here are the three books, alphabetically by author.

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