Hi! I’m Ryan.

I’m a Product Manager at Textio. Previously: Code.org, Microsoft, and Georgia Tech.

I write about technology, ethics, and exploring data.

I might try to talk to you about the Census. I’m not sorry about it.

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2018: Books of the Year

Happy New Year, friends! It’s time for my annual list of Books of the Year. I didn’t meet my book goal this year: I was on track for most of the year, but I got totally absorbed in the Hour of Code this year which took me a bit off track. On the upside, we shipped Dance Party, my favorite Hour of Code tutorial yet. My usual disclaimer applies: I’m not claiming they’re the best books I read this year (whatever that means), but they are the books that changed my thinking, stuck with me long after the final page, and that I would wholeheartedly recommend to others. As usual, they’re presented alphabetically by author.

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